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Guides & Manual:

National Respite Guidelines: Guiding Principles for Respite Models and Services (ARCH)
Abstract: The National Respite Guidelines provide principles addressing quality indicators for all respite models and services. They can act as a checklist for respite providers to review as they address service delivery issues. The guidelines are intended to be used by respite programs, individual providers, health care providers, human services agencies (i.e., disability, health, aging, children), state agencies, planning groups, stakeholders, and others who are interested in advancing quality respite. 

Volunteer Respite Manual: Creating Valuable Options for Family Caregivers 
Abstract: The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center has updated this step-by-step manual to help national, state and community -based programs and faith-based initiatives assess needs, plan, and implement volunteer respite programs with special guidance on providing volunteer services during the pandemic. Topics include: program planning and operations; volunteer recruitment, training and management; performance measurement; policies and procedures; liability insurance; and marketing. 

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Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC)

Membership Information:

Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC)
Abstract: The Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC) mission is to work passionately to improve the experience of caregiving through education, advocacy and access to resources.

Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC) Membership Form
Abstract: The Virginia Caregiver Coalition (VCC) started with 22 founding members in 2004 and is nearly 200 members strong today. Our members include family caregivers, disability and aging community agency staff, state agency employees, and university and independent researchers. 


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